Democracy in trouble in USA Mohammad Amjad Hossain

01 October 2022
Democracy in trouble in USA Mohammad Amjad Hossain

Itis ironic to claim that historically the United States defended democracy around the world including in the United States itself. Under the administration of President Joseph Biden now a hue and cry has been floated to protect human rights and democracy around the world. But apparently he did not say a word for violation of human rights by Israel recently. Broking Institute of America recently pointed out that President Biden's failure to condemn Israel in violation of international law has badly damaged his credibility while Josep Biden administration claims to defend democracy and human rights around the world.
Having said so, it is rightly to note that no power on the world has maintained military bases or drops more bombs or killed civilian population apart from no one else has imposed economic sanction against countries. It is no secret that United States of America has been maintaining military bases in Germany, Japan and South Korea. Election in the United States does not remain non-controversial. The election in November 2000 became controversial between Al Gore of the Democratic Party and George Bush of the Republican Party. Recounting votes in Florida in 36 days Al Gore finally conceded defeat. The Supreme Court of the United States gave a verdict in favour of George Bush. War against Iraq by George Bush of America along with the Prime minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair remains controversial since weapons of mass destruction were not found in Iraq as stated by the chief inspector of Atomic energy agency on 18 March 2003. War in Iraq has passed 19 years by now and has left devastation and destruction by US and British forces in Iraq. I would like to quote from the book, US Foreign Policy and the September 11th crisis by Phyllis Bennis who  said when US called the UN security council into session on the morning of September 12 in 2001 only slightly more than 24 hours had elapsed since the planes hit the Pentagon and the World trade center. It means President Bush was prepared to bomb Afghanistan on the pretext of attack on trade center and Pentagon since Osama bin laden who was guest in Afghanistan, though Laden was not involved in attacking World Trade Centre or Pentagon. It is interesting to note that the Bush administration by now bundled out 160 Saudi nationals; many of them were related to Osama bin Laden between September 16 and September 23 without being questioned. Until today that flight has remained a mystery. John Pilger, former Mirror chief foreign correspondent in London is reported said, a deal was struck by two Islamic parties in Pakistan in late September or early October 2001 to extradite Osama bin Laden to Pakistan who would face an International tribunal which would decide whether to try him or hand over to the United states. This had the approval of Osama bin Laden but US did not agree. Pilger has said the US ambassador to Pakistan was notified of this deal, but later a US official said, casting our objectives too narrowly risked a premature collapse of the international effort if by some luck or chance. This war of lies goes on, 16 November 2001.Both President George Bush and the Prime Minister Tony Blair are responsible for destroying Iraq and Afghanistan. The election in United States of America in 2021 has become controversial since Donald Trump did not accept result which went in favour of Joseph Biden of Democratic Party. On 6th January 2021 electoral vote recounting was in progress by the Vice-President Pence riot was organized by President Donald Trump by huge gathering of people with sticks and other weapons to declare electoral vote in favour of Donald Trump. Recounting of electoral votes was in progress in presence of members of both Houses of the Parliament.
Each state gets as many electors as it has members of the Congress while Washington DC three. It now revealed that former President Donald Trump left the White House with more than 700 pages of classified materials, including some at highest levels of classification. It is understood that no president ever done such criminal thing in the recent past.
Latest example of the imposition of sanction against seven top officers of elite   Bangladesh para-military forces and also banned travel for violation of human rights since involvement of hundreds extrajudicial killings. It is interesting to note that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came down heavily on 24 March this year on the United States for slapping sanction on RAB over allegation of committing human rights abuses. Meanwhile, 12 Human Rights organizations documented crimes committed by RAB and wrote a letter to Under Secretary General for peace in UN must prevent RAB from going on UN peacekeeping mission. The US did not hesitate to impose sanctions on another superpower the Russian Federation recently for attacking Ukraine, an independent state.
This is now the state of affairs in the United States of America.

(Mohammad Amjad Hossain, retired diplomat from Bangladesh, former  vice-president of Central Kochi-kachar mela of Bangladesh and former President of Nova Toastmaster International club of United States of America, writes from Falls church, Virginia).

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