574 girls raped, 186 murdered in 8 months: Report

01 October 2022

Staff Reporter :
At least 574 girls were raped, 186 girls murdered and 181 girls committed suicide in the first eight months of the year, a report said on Friday.
In addition, some 2474 girls, 309 per month, were given marriage without their consent, while 76 girls were victims of sexual harassment of various forms during this time.
Of the rape victims, 364 girls were the victims of single rape, while 84 were gang-raped and 43 disabled girls were also raped during that time, while some 20 girls were killed during the molestation.
The report prepared by the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum  (NGCAF) was revealed in a press conference in the Jatiya Press Club. The Forum collected information from 24 national, local and online media reports of the victims  aged 0-19 from January to August.  
Nasima Akhtar Joly presented the report while NGCAF President Badiul Alam Majumder conducted the press conference.  Among others, Educo Bangladesh Child Rights Protection Specialist Shahidul Islam, Head of Education and Health Unit of Good Neighbours Bangladesh Razia Sultana, General Secretary of Bangladesh YWCA Helen Monisha and Central Coordinator of the NGCAF Ahsana Jaman Anni were present.
In her presentation, Nasim Akhtar said that among the rape victims, there were girls of one year old and some of the victims were raped by their relatives.
Analysing the incidents, the report said that a few perpetrators were arrested by the law enforcers, but most of the rapists were granted bails and even the victims' families were threatened.
NGCAF collected 10 types of information about the girls who faced different repressions. The information includes: rape, sexual harassment, acid violence, abduction and trafficking, child marriage, dowry, repression of maids, suicide, murder and abandoned child.
Of the victims of sexual harassment, Nasima Akhtar said 76 girls were victims of sexual harassment and repression in different public places including streets, transports, markets, educational and religious institutions and even at home.  
She also said that pornography and various cyber-crimes are increasing while nearly 1000 girls are being victims of cyber-bullying per month by the age group 18-30.
Some 15 girls were victims of pornography, while most of the girls did not know how to get redress if they become victims of it. Even many victims do not want to break the silence in fear of threats for personal and family life.
During the time, 181 girls committed suicide and, of them, 46 committed suicide for rejection of love affairs while 35 killed themselves out of pride with the family members. At the same time in 2021, some 153 girls committed suicides.
NGCAF also said that 186 girls were murdered due to family violence, family feuds, rape or sexual repression while 136 girls were abducted and trafficked.
Even there girls were victims of acid violence due to family feuds, rejection in love while 15 maids were tortured and, of them, two were killed after torture and one committed suicide.
Badiul Alam Majumder said, the incident of repression against girls was increasing day by day which is alarming for the society.
"It is a malady. The situation will worsen if it is not prevented right now. Girls are the future of the country. We cannot build a beautiful future unless we can create a safe environment for them," he added.
Helen Monisha Sarkar said, "We are getting easy information through mobile phones and the internet. But now we have to think whether we can claim as human beings or not."
Shahidul Islam suggested for strengthening the institutions in the field levels for the protection of the girls, and media can play a pivotal role here.
NGCAF recommended for speedy trial of the cases relating to child repression, rape and murder and urged the government for the formulation of a law in this regard to protect girls from sexual harassment.
Initiatives should be taken to protect the girls from pornography, cyber-bulling and cyber-crimes. It added.

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