Price of egg, vegetables, fish and meat shoots up

01 October 2022

Staff Reporter :
The price of egg and vegetables, fish and meat still shows upward trend.
The beef's price has increased by Tk 20 in the capital market.
In the kitchen market, there is not a single vegetable selling below Tk 40 except Papaya and green Banana despite plenty of supply of vegetables are available in the market.  
As a result, the people of the middle and lower income group are struggling to maintain their families.
After visiting few kitchen markets- Karwan Bazar, Palashi, Hatirjhil, Rampura, Kaptan Bazar, Mirpur and Banosri, it was seen that the egg traders are selling per dozen eggs for Tk 145-150 whereas one week earlier it was Tk 135 and per dozen duck eggs price was Tk 165.
Speaking to the New Nation, egg trader Abdul Mannan from Hatirpul said the price of egg is again going up. Within one week Tk 10 has increased per dozen. The illegal syndicate has started activities again.
He said people have cut down egg from their list and sales of egg drops significantly.
The scenario of the vegetables market is that bean and cauliflower are being sold at high price of Tk 160 per kg and Tk 40-50 per piece respectively.
On the other hand, the price of carrot, tomato and french (borboti) has remained stable as these are being sold at Tk 120-130, Tk 140 (local), Tk 120 (Indian) and Tk 70-80 respectively.
Furthermore, brinjal is being sold at Tk 70-80, cucurbitaceous at Tk 50-70, green papaya at Tk 25-30, parble at Tk 50, bitter gourd at Tk 60-80, Arum-lobe, spone gourd, snake gourd are at Tk 50-60.
In the kitchen market, the broiler chicken is being sold at Tk 180 whereas the Sonali (Popularly known as Pakistani cock) is being sold at Tk 300-320. And beef is being sold at Tk 720 and Mutton Tk 900.
The fish marker picture is that lobstar sells at Tk 1000-1200 only. The cat fish was selling at Tk 450 to 500 at Baganbari, South Goran on Friday, taki machh at Tk 400, Pabda at Tk 450 and boal machh at Tk 650 only.
Furthermore, the availability of Hilsha fish in the market is greeted by the consumers. In the market one kg weight Hilsha fish is being sold at Tk 1,300 to Tk 1,350 whereas one week ago it was Tk 1, 400 to Tk 1, 600.
And 700-800 gram Hilsha is being sold at Tk 800-900 and 400-500 gram at Tk 500-600 while one week ago they were at Tk 900-1,000 and Tk 600-700 respectively.
A private service holder Muhid Hasan expressed his dissatisfaction saying that the traders have increased almost all daily commodities price by excusing the Russia- Ukraine war. But reality is that every raw material price has dropped in international maker as it has no impact in our local market.
The prices of vegetables have increased as much as high that we are thinking to cut the vegetables from our meal, he added.
Shampa Das, a housewife from Rampura said we are extremely exhausted to maintain the expenditure of our family. There is no one to do anything for us. Every item's price is continuously rising making huge pressure to us.

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