Unrestrained student politics


02 October 2022

Md. Atikur Rahman :
Education is the backbone of a nation. But most of the time our political leaders forget the truth. Instead of pen, they favour guns for students. Thus, our political leaders are playing double game. When in government they want the students to keep themselves aloof from politics but when in opposition, they want them to take part in politics. Compared to pre-liberation time student's politics, the nature and characteristics of our present day students organisations have been changed a lot.
Firstly at present, student politics is considered as an important tool of political power in national politics.
Secondly, students' politics is nowadays neither people oriented nor education oriented rather it serves personal interest and power.
Thirdly, in the past, students protested oppression, repression and injustice in a society. They moved for humanity against brutality. Unfortunately, such character of our student organisations has been changed. Our present day student politics are mercenary, violent, rent-seeking and crime loving.
Fourthly, another important trend of our students' politics is confrontation between rival student organisations to take control on institution. For this, ever they do not hesitate to kill their opponents.
The recent incidents of unethical activities and fights in the name of student politics in Dhaka University and Eden College are really sad. We want to ensure fair learning environment in educational institutions. We hope that the concerned will pay more attention to this issue.
It is unfortunate that the students are being increasingly exploited by political leaders. They exploit the young blood, for their dirty work by using them to promote their divisive and cattiest politics. Quite often many a promising youth's life is ruined. This is a very ominous sign for the mind of our future generations who are going to astray due to dirty politics.
(The writer is former Head
of PRD, BUFT).

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