Necessity of day-care centres in primary education for female teacher-friendly management

02 October 2022

Mohammad Nahid Hasan Khan :
Primary education is the foundation of formal education. Positive progress in the field of education is noticeable in the various steps taken by the government. In particular, regular recruitment programs in primary schools, reducing the number of dropout students, social safety net programs, training programs, educational development programs, infrastructural development etc. According to the annual report of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education for the fiscal year 2020-21, there are 64.2 per cent female teachers working in primary schools. These teachers are still working tirelessly to improve the quality of primary education despite various obstacles. However, due to social, environmental and infrastructural inadequacies in some cases, it is often not possible to focus on providing adequate education for the female teachers. For example, many female teachers have to come to class with their babies, but till now there is no facility to take care of these babies.
I also noticed that 3 teachers in a school have to take classes with children aged 0 to 3 years. The concerned teachers are struggling to take care of the child during the class. As a result, daycare centers can be introduced in schools to eliminate such problems. A review of the annual report of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education for the fiscal year 2020-21 shows that, Under the Demand Based Government Primary School Development Project (Phase-1), 3,000 (three thousand) schools have taken the initiative to set up play corners for children. In the future, if a daycare centre can be opened in connection with this play corner, female teachers could concentrate on classroom teaching with ease.
Primary education of a country is the foundation of future sustainable education. That is why proper importance should be given to ensure quality primary education. Proper steps need to be taken so that respected teachers can concentrate on imparting education. A list of schools may be drawn up to be covered under the piloting scheme in this regard. With the help of local dignitaries and school management committee, sports equipment, painting equipment, various toys, necessary furniture, baby food etc can be kept in the rooms designated for children.
Necessary funds should be allocated to every school by the government for ensuring proper hygienic environment for the teachers and students and for running daycare centres. In this way, if we can ensure a supportive environment for female teachers in our country, the teachers will be motivated to teach smoothly and the students will also be able to get the desired education. One thing to note is that Bangladesh is determined to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. That is why it is necessary to emphasise on the increase of government investment at the initial stage. Recruitment of manpower is also an important issue for daycare centres. Manpower can be provided as per requirement in this project through outsourcing in Public Private Partnership (PPP) process.
Above all, it is necessary to ensure the basic things needed for the teachers and students in order to organise the entire management for the real improvement of the primary education system. If day care centres can be opened in phases for the convenience of female teachers across the country, teachers will naturally be able to concentrate on teaching.
There is no doubt that ensuring a suitable teaching environment for teachers will be a huge part of the development of a better Bangladesh.

(The writer is Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Bhangura, Pabna).

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