Public university teachers must regularly maintain working hours on campus

02 October 2022

The teachers at the university level are thought to be very responsible citizens of any given society. Hence it is perhaps not a good idea that their working hours should be fixed. But Bangladesh in certain cases does not seem to be a country of this planet, here most people usually do not behave responsibly unless they are forced to and university teachers are no exception.
Once appointed, many teachers hardly perform their respective academic duties and get themselves involved in their personal work. Not to mention their filthy role in even filthier politics on the campuses. Ignoring their duty in public universities, teachers take classes in private universities, sometimes as many as five-six universities, according to a report in a national daily yesterday. Some teachers spend time on consultancy jobs also.
Earning money has become the goal of these teachers. We are not against teachers earning money. What is our concern here is that they must render their full service to their universities. After doing that, if they can utilize their time outside the campus we do not have any reason to complain about it. Still, their work at a private university also gives an opportunity to the students of that university to listen to the valuable lectures of these teachers who have an edge over the fulltime private university teachers in terms of merits.
Therefore, the working hours of a university teacher must be controlled and accordingly the University Grants Commission (UGC), the overseeing authorities of Bangladesh's universities, has formulated a policy titled "Teaching load calculation policy for public university teachers" to fix the workload of all faculty members of the public university teachers. Under this policy, they will now have to spend 40 hours a week at their universities.  Also, a professor's direct teaching hours will be 10 hours, an associate professor's 12 hours, and assistant professor's 14 hours and a lecturer's 16 hours. Teachers will also have to spend one hour for student counseling on the campus.
The UGC thinks that once this policy comes into force from next week, teachers will spend more time on the campuses. Moreover, this new regimen for teachers would also give an idea about how many teachers a particular department/university needs for the purpose of education and research. In addition, this policy will help universities to prepare the organogram of different departments.
However, we are not sure if all the teachers at public universities will respond to this new work schedule. One of the reasons may be their involvement with active party politics. The second reason may be that the government itself does not follow any discipline. The government is proving successful in creating chaos and promoting everything evil in our society. The government itself is the worst example for the nation.
So the good policy of UGC has come too late and shall mostly remain good on paper. This government has done maximum damage to education meaning the younger generation. Whether one can afford or not every young man is anxious to go abroad for good education. Even the teachers did not show any anxiety for maintaining academic   atmosphere at universities by themselves joining party politics purely for self interest.

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