Singer Nishita meets actress Tamanna in Sweden after show

03 October 2022
Singer Nishita meets actress Tamanna in Sweden after show

Entertainment Report :
Once popular actress of Dhallywood, Tamanna has been residing in Stockholm, Sweden permanently for many years. Tamanna is still familiar among the film-lovers for her acted movie, Bhondo. On November 26, 2021, Tamanna tied the nuptial knot with Indian Gujrati born Swedish Muslim businessman named Mohammad Dahya. Now she is passing happy life with
her husband. Popular Bangladeshi singer of present generation, Nishita Barua along with four musicians recently
performed Gubbangen School Auditorium in Stockholm, Sweden where Tamanna is living. On October 1, Nishita performed in a stage show on that school auditorium. Nishita performed there for one and a half hour in the show and enthralled the audience. Among others, Tamanna and her husband were also present there and they enjoyed the show and then Tamanna talked with Nishita. While talking in this regard, Tamanna said, “I was earlier informed that there was a scheduled stage programme at Gubbangen School. My husband and I were invited to attend the show. When Ovi Moinuddin, a journalist from Bangladesh, informed me about Nishita’s performance then I met her. It was really a likeable a matter for me to listen music from a Bangladeshi singer outside my country. Overall, my husband and I enjoyed the show and liked Nishita’s performance. After the show, I talked with Nishita and gave thanks to her.”
Nishita shared her feelings from Stockholm by this way, “Earlier, I had experience to perform in a show in Sweden. But for the first time, I performed along with four musicians in the show. For this reason, it was a likeable matter for me. However, we have successfully performed in the show. After show, I met once popular film actress Tamanna Apu here. I knew she is residing here. She still looks like a sweet heroine. In fact, this show has made me a memorable tour.”

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