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03 October 2022

Protect the bird species

Our nature is being threatened by the decrease of bird species.  The number of birds is on the verge of extinction.  In order to create public awareness in this regard, campaigns should be carried out in different places. Besides, awareness should be created in the public through various banners, posters or miking.
Birds are friends of nature, our friend; we have to describe all these things.  In particular, the killing of birds should be stopped by creating awareness on this issue up to the local level.  Moreover, bird hunters need to create love for birds.

Ahmed Tahsienul Araefin
Student, SHKSC English Version

Almost war

Pity the mighty powers of the world who enjoy the destruction of this planet. This line indicates the new drums of war that are being heard in the Levantine region. Israel has attacked the Syrian airports twice a week. This seems to indicate the outbreak of another war in the gulf region.
It is high time, that Israel should be checked for its malicious activities because the world cannot bear another conflict. The destruction brought by the Syrian civil war is not hidden. Many lives were lost. A lot of bloodshed was witnessed. The number of displaced persons increased dramatically. All these changes resulted from the meaningless Syrian civil war which brought nothing but demolition.
Apart from this, the outbreak of war in the petrochemical-rich region will increase fuel prices. It should be noted that the world is already in trouble following the increase in fuel prices in the aftermath of the Russia-Ukraine war. Hence, international organisations such as the UN should play their roles and do everything possible to suppress the outbreak of war.

Javeriya Mahar
From Online

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