Cricketer Al-Amin claims, he divorces his wife

07 October 2022

Court Correspondent :
Cricketer Al-Amin yesterday claimed that he sent divorce notice to his wife Ishrat Jahan on Thursday. He said it in the report he submitted to the court of Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tofazzal Hossain of Dhaka. He appeared in the court on Thursday and submitted the reply to the court through his lawyer.
Thursday was earlier fixed for hearing in the case his wife filed against him on the charge of family violence.
Al-Amin's reply in the court says that he sent divorce notice to his wife on August 25. He mentioned that he will pay Ishrat Jahan all including dower money. He says that he has been regularly giving his wife the expenditures of his two sons yet the tuition fee of his elder son amounting to Tk 50,000 has not been paid, the reply added.
Meanwhile, lawyer of his wife Md Shamsuzzaman claimed to have filed the case for restoration of conjugal life and payment of legal necessary expenditures of his wife.
The court decided hearing on the reply Al-Amin submitted on Thursday, will be held after five days.
On September 7, Al-Amin's wife Ishrat Jahan filed the case with the claiming Tk 1,00,000 as maintenance cost per month under the Domestic Violence and Protection Act, 2010. In her complaint, she alleged that her husband did not provide her maintenance cost including the educational expenses of their two children for the last two years.
On September 6, the High Court granted eight weeks' anticipatory bail to Al-Amin after he surrendered in the apex court in another case on the charges of torturing his wife and demanding dowry from her.
Ishrat had filed the other case against Al-Amin with Mirpur Police Station of the city on September 1. In that case, she alleged that Al-Amin tortured and abused her for dowry of Tk 20 lakh.

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