Palm oil price down by Tk 8 per litre, sugar price up Tk 6 per kg

07 October 2022

Staff Reporter :
The government decided to increase the price of sugar by Tk 6 per kg, and decreases that of palm oil by Tk 8 per litre.
The Commerce Ministry has set the price of packed sugar at Tk 95 per kg, loose sugar Tk 90, and palm oil Tk 125 per litre.
The ministry on Thursday issued a notification in this regard as per the recommendation of Bangladesh Trade and Tariff Commission (BTTC).
Until today, the price of palm super oil (unbottled) was selling at Tk 133 per litre and packed sugar at Tk 89 per kg at the retail level.
The price of palm oil decreased by Tk 8 per litre and the price of sugar rose by Tk 6 per kg.The commerce secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh told reporters on Thursday that the new tariff would be effective immediately.
The government raised sugar prices as per the application of sugar refiners and decreased palm oil prices adjusting the domestic price with the global market.
According to the recommendations of BTTC, a concern of the ministry, per litre palm super (unbottled) oil will be sold at Tk 120 on the millgate, distributors will sell it at Tk 122, and at the retail level, it will be sold at Tk 125.
One kg of loose sugar can be bought from the millgate at Tk 85, at the distributor level at Tk 87, and at the retail level at Tk 90. And the distributors will buy packaged sugar at Tk 90 from millgate and sell it at Tk 95 at the consumers' level.

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