Rickshaws of Dhaka now in Guinness Book

26 November 2014

Staff Reporter :
The rickshaw of Dhaka city is now in the Guinness Book of World Records.
This was revealed recently by the Guinness Book of World Records of 2015 under the title 'Most cycle rickshaws in one city' at the chapter 'Urban Transport' in 188 page of the book.
The recognition came few days after the Guinness Book authorities contacted with environment activist Syed Saiful Alam Shovan of Bangladesh, asking him some information of rickshaws in Dhaka city.
Shavon is a media official of 'Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust', an environment-related
non-government organization. Talking to The New Nation on Tuesday Shovan said that he wrote a post on blog in English about the rickshaws of Dhaka city. "The blog post has drawn the attention of the Guinness Book authorities and they contacted with him in February last, seeking the statistics of rickshaws and other information in this regard," he said.
Accordingly, Shavon provided the Guinness Book authorities with the information. Checking the data, they termed Dhaka city as the city of rickshaws.
Shovan said his own organisation as well as some of the colleagues have helped him a lot in this regard.
Guinness Book wrote that over 500,000 rickshaws ply in Dhaka city everyday.  About 85 per cent residents of the city use the rickshaws in this city of 15 million people. It was accounted that nearly 40 per cent of all trips in the city are done by rickshaws.

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