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Use heart for humanity, prevent heart disease

27 October 2022
Use  heart for humanity, prevent heart disease

Dr. Sarwar Kamal :
In today's modern age, we have a busy life. Due to the pressure of business, various changes are coming in life, social life and food intake. Mental anxiety is increasing among us, insomnia, irregular sleep, not eating on time, addiction to fast food are increasing due to unhealthy food and bad habits in living. Because of this, young people are also suffering from various diseases. Once upon a time there was a disease, now only adults are sick. Since 10 years ago, the rate of heart attack among young and young adults has come down to 5 percent. Currently it is around 20 percent. The reason for this is the increase in the use of tobacco and drugs, unhealthy food, uncontrolled lifestyle.
Elsewhere, people's labor is decreasing According to the information of the World Health Organization, at least 1 crore 79 million people die of heart disease every year in the world. 80 percent of them die of heart attack and stroke. According to the information of the Department of Health, about 40 thousand people die of heart disease every year in Bangladesh. Chittagong people are most prone to heart disease in our decade. People in this area are very hungry for food. They organize large quantities of  delicious fat  foods at family  and social events. People in this region are especially interested in Mesbani  beef with  maximum use of spices. As a result, the amount of cholesterol  in our body increases, which increases the risk of heart disease. We always say one thing, prevention is better than cure.
If we want to protect our life from the risk of heart disease, we have to improve our quality of life. Increase physical activity. Fear grows. If you can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood by changing your diet, the risk of heart disease is less. And by eating less food rich in cholesterol, its amount in the blood is reduced. Few foods are bad for heart health. They disrupt blood circulation and cause complex physiological problems. These include, egg yolk in eggs and cholesterol in meat. Vegetable foods do not contain cholesterol. A heart attack occurs when blood flow stops in one of the blood vessels in the heart. Blood vessels become narrow in the heart due to accumulation of uric acid on the blood vessels. Have a heart attack due to blood clots in the narrow ducts. You can eat less to avoid the risk, cholesterol, brain, bones. Don't eat small amounts of cholesterol. Don't buy prawns.
Although they are low in calories and fat, prawns have a lot of cholesterol. The components that increase the plasma lipid profile in fish head-dummy, LDL or LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are sources of fish head or fish dummy. Egg yolk: Eating the white part of Egg  is better for heart patients to avoid   egg  Kusom. Because yolk contains high cholesterol. As you can see, the 186 milligrams of cholesterol in a large chicken breast is all in the yolk. And a heart patient should not consume more than 200 milligrams of cholesterol. Coconut: Hong Kong and Singapore  in  two statistics , at least twice as many people die from heart disease in Hong Kong. As in  researchers ,  in Singapore , one of the reasons for this deaths    is the tendency to use coconut and palm oil in Singapores 's diet. 85 to 90 percent of coconut oil is saturated fat, which is harmful for heart patients. Avoid excess salt: Table salt contains sodium, which increases the water content in the blood. As a result, blood volume increases and blood pressure also increases, which can lead to heart disease. In addition to the necessary salt in the dish, excess salt should be avoided. So far, we have been advising you to eat less or avoid certain foods to avoid the risk of heart disease, now I will tell you which foods will keep you healthy. If you want to be healthy, you must eat seasonal fruits/vegetables. -Vegetables, fruits and vegetables contain various types of disease.
Vegetables that contain fiber include beans, peas, legumes, and legumes. Nutritionists note that vegetables such as potatoes, potatoes and root vegetables cooked with the skins provide plenty of fiber. They also include wholegrain flour breads and brown rice. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals These foods contain   calcilum  potasium  all of which help to keep us healthy. These foods reduce the risk of heart disease. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium prevent high blood pressure. These minerals can have a positive effect on all causes of heart disease. Considering it as a food supplement, it is possible to get these vitamins and minerals through a healthy and balanced diet.
Potassium is found in fish, dairy products and whole grains and potassium in bananas, potatoes and fish. Magnesium in pulses and whole grains. Calcium is found in dairy products and green leafy vegetables. Also, you can add to your diet 12 foods preferred by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH). Among which there are olives, dates, figs, grapes, honey, melons, milk, mushrooms, olive oil, dalmi- dalim , vinigore. These foods will keep you healthy The slogan 'Use a heart for every heart' is the global movement today. World Heart Day  is for humanity, for nature and for your heart.
For example, use  your heart , to think critically, to make good decisions, to act courageously and to help others. The heart is the only organ that you can hear and feel. It is the first and last symptom in life. We want the World Health Organization to reach as many people as possible to help improve cardiovascular health for everyone.
3 Pillars :- Three core  useful    is an opportunity for humanity, for nature and to know how to make the most of your heart.  cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a condition that is important for every beating heart. The root is beneficial Use  Heart  for humanity Access to health care and support is vastly improved across the globe. Over 75%   deaths occur in the low to middle income  countries  but access can be a problem anywhere.
By engaging with global events like the World Health Organization as well as local organizations, we can spread awareness and improve all human lives. Help bring use real Air pollution is responsible for 25%  deaths, killing 7 million people every year. Whether it's a more immediate act like walking or cycling in the park, or a long-term effort like supporting the Clean Air , we can each contribute to a healthier planet in our own small way. Use stress for you: Psychological stress can  increase   the risk of heart attacks. Exercise, mediation and adequate sleep can help reduce stress levels.  Due to stress on heart, our body and heath became risky for attacks. So be free from   psycological   for the sake   of sustainable  health.

(The writer: is Chief Cardiovascular  Surgeon, Heart & Vascular Center, Chattogram Metropolitan  
Haspathal  Ltd.

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