Sea food BBQ fest at Dhaka Regency

28 November 2014
Sea food BBQ fest at Dhaka Regency

Art & Culture Desk :
Grill master chefs of Dhaka Regency invites you to let your taste buds rage over to an exquisite selection of grilled dishes in its month long winter BBQ Fest starting from the beginning of December at ‘Grill On The Skyline’ an enchanting environment under an open sky where the aromas of the gourmet grilled delicacies reach the heavens, says a news release.
Guests can savour an array of exciting lavish delights, carefully selected by the executive chef of the hotel. Start your gastronomic adventure with the chef's special grilled lobster, salmon steak, medium shrimps, filet of white snapper, grilled spring chicken, imported tenderloin steak, chicken Tikka kebab, beef and chicken stir fry, prawn stir fry, mixed seafood, king crab and many more exotic sea foods. All the ingredients perfectly complement each other and combine to create a rich flavour you will never forget.
Guests will have the ultimate priority to choose and create their own menu and the chefs are always ready to assemble them at the live station and serve it on the table.
As the eagerly-awaited winter season approaches, the sea food BBQ fest at Dhaka Regency will continue throughout the entire winter with sizzling freshly grilled dishes starting everyday 6:00pm to 11:00pm from December 1 to till February 28, 2015. n

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