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Timely police help can avert mob beating

10 November 2022

Dr. Syed Nesar Ahmad Rumy :
A couple of week back an incident occurred in Barishal City draws the attention of the people. The incident is that a thief (merely in his late twenties) entered into a local grocery shop at the late mid-night for stealing. For his activities some noises created and for that reason the owner of that shop who resides at a nearby room suspected that a person was inside of his grocery and he tried to take away something from his shop. So he locked the grocery from the outside. In the meantime, some people gathered near the shop and were waiting to catch him. The thief got the alarming situation and locked the cleat of the door from the inside. So that people could not enter into the grocery to catch him. As reported in the media he apprehended he would be beaten mercilessly. Then the thief phoned 999 to rescue him from awkward situation he was facing. After getting phone call the police could not understand the situation initially. But considering the whole situation the duty officer of the Barishal Kotwali P. S. instructed patrol police of that locality to rescue that person from the grocery of A R Khan Bazar at Char Kaua Union Parishad. Accordingly the patrol police rescued him and he was taken to the Police Station.
As reported in the media many people gathered there to beat the thief in that place. It could have been an incident of merciless beating if police could not come to the place of occurrence timely. And it might have been a case of death or serious injury for merciless beating in that area. Thanks God, police intervened the situation to protect a life in right time.
Generally people call police in any untoward incident they face. But this time a thief wanted help from police for his life while he was doing theft. This looks like very funny and laughter and was talk of Barishal City and even in many places in Bangladesh. Even the BBC Bangla released this news for its audience. Many of us became curious about this occurrence. Later police sent him to the court as he was wanted by the police for other cases against him. He was sent to jail by a court order. This incident debunks the mindset of the people. Definitely police did a praiseworthy work and saved a life from public vengeance. Many times, death news, wounded news in bazars, bus stoppages and in different public places for theft, hijackings come to our notice. And the persons who are involved in such incidents are definitely miscreants in the society. But still then they have the right to get justice from the law of this land. But in general, logic does not work in the mind of persons present there. They turn aggressive and they start beating them (thieves and muggers) rather not handing them over to the law-enforcers. In the social media many comments came to our notice regarding the event occurred in Barishal. Some of the comments are as follow:
a. Some made jokes referring the incident. They commented the thief was more intelligent than the public present there as to protect his life from public beating he dialed 999 for police help.
b. The thief made fool all the people presented outside of the grocery and protected his life from public beating using this trick.
c. Generally people call police to catch thief but this time thief called police using 999. This has become a matter of laughter in the social media.
If we analyse all these comments and his fervidity to protect his life from public beating we will get a clear picture of our present society prevailing in our country. In general many of us become happy or indifferent to the awkwardness or insults of others. This is also a trait of many of us and this outlook is deepening to the inner mind of many people. Some of us also try to give a big punch to the victim beaten in the public place. It may be considered as one kind of social disease. To make a peaceful and tranquil society we should come out from this mindset. If we can do this we might be able to create a path to go for peaceful society and life. Otherwise we will not be considered peaceful and law-abiding citizens of the country.
Often we get different stories regarding declining social values, cruelty to man and animal, road accidents, launch accidents, muggers' activities and expatriate workers cheated at the airport premises. But many of us keep ourselves indifferent after knowing these incidents. And even we do not want intervening the incident for some causes. We are used to keep ourselves aside of such incidents occurred in our presence. But at the same time we show our eagerness of insulting someone without knowing the origin of the problem. Sometimes we also see that shoe-lifters are caught red-handed at the mosques and the people/worshippers surrounding him start beating severely forgetting their prayers. All these are the symptoms of restless society. Being a human-being and making a peaceful and ideal society we have to get out of this situation.
We have many grievances against police about their different actions but we also appreciate the police force for timely intervention for the just cause. Moreover, thieves and other miscreants must get punishment through the process of law and we all should not take law in our own hand. Let it should be an aspiration of all to make a peaceful and tranquil society in the days to come.

(The writer is former Civil Servant
 and Freelancer).

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