** We ask thieves to return the stolen public money as insisted by IMF ** Dhaka seeks oil from Riyadh on deferred payment ** Mango buds start appearing in many trees, in the middle of Poush and the beginning of Magh, has been a great surprise for many mango lovers. This photo was taken from Chattogram on Thursday. NN photo ** Voter turnout may be 15-25pc: CEC ** AL infighting in Narsingdi: 3 injured, 20 houses torched, attacked ** Ekushey Book Fair begins ** Cost goes up by Tk 1.61 lakh ** Half a million strike in UK's largest walkout in 12 years ** Flights to remain suspended for 5 hours every night in HSIA ** RAB rescues father hiding with Japanese daughter ** People don't need more government servants to make election cheating easier ** Bangladesh ranks 12th most corrupt country ** Power tariff hiked again ** DITF- 2023 ends with $39.48m export orders ** Children frolicking over a ride taking risks on Tuesday, as two dangerous high voltage transformers remain installed adjacent to a park of Old Dhaka’s Laxmi Bazar St. Gregory School. NN photo ** What action has been taken to prevent Dhaka's air pollution ** Blinken criticises settlements but stresses US support for Israel ** IMF approves $4.7 billion loan for Bangladesh ** Amar Ekushey Book Fair kicks off today ** We want to know how corruption is to be eliminated under a corrupt government ** Thousands of leaders and activists of BNP join the party's march programme towards Jurain from Jatrabari with banners, festoons, national flags and party flags in their hands on Monday. NN photo ** Foreign aids disbursement, commitment declined ** Awami League leaders and activists gather at a peaceful rally in front of party's central office at Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on Monday which was arranged by Dhaka South City unit of Awami League. NN photo ** SSC, equivalent exams from April 30 ** HC issues rule on formulation of policy over handcuffing, shackling of accused **

Readers’ Voice

16 November 2022

Plastic hazard

Use of the plastic bags is one of the biggest environmental risks as they are hard and expensive to recycle. Yet, they are part of our life despite their use being banned for several years.
Most plastic bags end up in land­fill sides where they may take hundreds of years in the photo grade. In the meantime, they turn into toxic particles that pollute soil and groundwater. With more trouble, these particles enter the food chain. These plastic bags cannot respond because it pollutes the environment. Scientists have also discovered that many harmful plastic causes diseases like cancer. The government must try to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly content such as paper and jute bags.

Syed Mubashir Hussain

All for tuition

Parents are now more worried about their children doing well or bad in exams. Almost all guardians want that their children should always excel others in classrooms and this is where private tuition has come to play even at the primary level of education, with students being coached privately before and after school hours without having the time to play around or even just sit idle.
This has become more so after the introduction of the PEC and JSC exam exams. Children excelling others in classrooms, even at the primary level, have become something for parents to boast of. But the merit list has always been populated by all students but the one who tops and parents should also consider this. Primary education certainly has a role to play in making the nation educated but academic excellence, or the forced academic excellence for that matter, rarely continues throughout student life.

Hussain Zaman

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