Dilara Zaman, Sweety, Aupee fulfil legendary actor Masud Ali Khan’s wish

09 December 2022
Dilara Zaman, Sweety, Aupee fulfil legendary actor Masud Ali Khan’s wish

Entertainment Report :
Masud Ali Khan is now the most senior actor in the country’s field of drama. This living legend actor is now passing days at his residence in the capital’s Green Road area. On October 6, he turned into 94. Somebody wished him on December 1, which is birthday according
to the certificate of the actor.
Masud Ali Khan wants to do acting. But he gets the opportunity to act seating on the wheel chair, then he could continue acting. Otherwise, he will never get the scope to act in rest of his life. Recently in a video interview, Masud Ali Khan told media that he wants to see many of his colleagues of long time career and also wants to take part in gossip with them. “But if I want, these may not be happened because these persons cannot match their times with me on the occasion,” said the veteran actor.
Masud Ali Khan wished to see veteran actress Dilara Zaman, noted actress Tanveen Sweety and popular actress Aupee Karim. Because Masud Ali Khan informed that these three actresses always keep tracks with him. After informing this matter, these three actresses went to Masud Ali Khan's residence on December 6. After seeing them, this veteran actor became very emotional. He took part in gossiping with them and also recalled memories of their past times together.
Wife of Masud Ali Khan also took part in the discussion with them. Around two hours, Masud Ali Khan passed time with them and then felt relaxed.
While talking about in this regard, Masud Ali Khan told this correspondent, “I really felt glad to see Dilara, Sweety and Aupee after many days, which I cannot express in a word. It seemed like happy moments like Eid days. I give thanks to Ovi Moinuddin in this regard. Despite having busy times, these actresses came to me to meet that really impressed me a lot. I became owe to them for their loves.”
Dilara Zaman shared her feelings by this way, “Masud Bhai is a very respectable person to us. If we manage time, we will surely go to him again.”
Sweety said, “I always want to pass time with such a legendary actor like him. Giving time we and I really felt proud.”
Aupee Karim told this correspondent, “I call him 'Baba' (father). I often keep track of him. I really feel good after seeing and also gossiping him after a long time.”

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