Nusraat Faria not getting married now

10 December 2022
Nusraat Faria not getting married now

Entertainment Report :
Popular actress Nusraat Faria announced her engagement with Rony Rashid on March 21, 2020. They were supposed to tie the
knot in December that year under  grand celebration. However,
after passing two years, there is
no announcement from the
side of the actress.
Nusraat Faria recently shared with the media that the marriage will not take place. She didn’t give any proper reason, but insisted that the country let one actress in
the industry remain single.
The actress explained that she is very practical and particular about taking any decision. Both Faria and Rony had taken the decision of not marrying each other, instead, they will remain as friends, said Nusraat Faria.
Nusraat Faria also opened up about getting traumatised from seeing the separations of her near ones around. However, if not Rony, her family is trying to convince her to get married soon, she also said.  
Nusraat Faria is maintaining an extremely busy schedule currently and thus is not thinking about marriage right now, she mentioned.

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