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16 December 2022

Say no to child labour
Child labour, where children under the legal working age are forced to work, is one of the greatest curses in the world. Many countries consider child labour to be illegal and exploitative, and many international organizations agree. Most developed and emerging countries consider child labour to be a violation of human rights and have outlawed it, whereas some poorer and developing countries tolerate it.
Child labour is a calamity for humanity. It causes a child physical, social, and moral harm. It is unfortunate that these children are forced to work due to financial constraints at an age when they should be studying, playing, and gaining knowledge. Various economic and social factors contribute to child labour. Poverty, unemployment, and the need to survive often force families to make desperate decisions, as it does with so many other issues around the world. Limited access to education and economic opportunities, high population growth, unequal distribution of wealth and social customs, repression of workers' rights, and limited prohibitions on child labour are all current global causes.
Child labour has far-reaching ramifications. It can cause severe physical and mental harm, as well as death. Slavery, as well as sexual or economic exploitation, are all possibilities. It denies children access to education and health care in nearly every case, limiting their fundamental rights and jeopardizing their futures.
Child labour can be brought under control if every person takes responsibility for reporting anyone employing a child under the minimum legal age. Instead of ignoring it, learn more about reporting child labour. Child labour can be controlled if the government provides adequate education, which may change the attitude of those who forced the child to work.
The government should provide these children with vocational training so that they can earn a living as well, and all of this will go a long way toward significantly reducing child labour. Even though every country has strict laws against child labour, due to a lack of institutional framework, no solid and pragmatic steps are taken to implement them. Representatives of the people must revisit child labour laws considering current events. Minors have the right to be safe from both mental and physical harm. Beyond rhetoric, the government must implement results-oriented policies to address this complex issue, or else the abolition of child labour will remain a pipe dream!

Ashwah Aijaz

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