Reasons behind the death of so many migrants must be unearthed

19 December 2022

Out of over 10 million Bangladeshi migrants, a large portion is in the gulf countries, sending remittance back home every year. We not only receive remittance every month, but we also regularly receive the corpses of the remitters. On average 8-10 dead bodies arrive every day. The sudden demise of the hard-working remitters has not poked any investigation, nor table any bill or discussion and policy support to limit death by ensuring the wellbeing of unsung heroes.
A total of 45,301 corpses arrived in Bangladesh between 2008 and June this year. At least 27,231 bodies arrived from the six Gulf countries and of those, 12,930 corpses came from Saudi Arabia alone. The death of migrant workers in Qatar, the host country of the FIFA World Cup, has triggered widespread criticism across the globe. But the deaths in other gulf countries are not often discussed. Documents that come along the corpse's show that most migrants die of stroke and a large portion of the victims are young or middle-aged. The causes of death also include heart disease, accidents at the workplace, road crashes, suicides, and murders.
However, no investigation has been done into the cause of deaths of young or middle-aged workers. Unskilled or low-skilled workers are often involved in risky, difficult, and laborious jobs in the scorching heat. Apart from the unforgiving heat, work hours reaching 12 to 18 hours, poor living conditions, separation from families, and mental stress cause strokes and heart attacks, they added.
Nothing is more important than human life. There should be investigations into the cause of deaths of young and middle-aged migrants. It is a legal obligation for a country to conduct autopsies of all unnatural deaths. The government can engage the ILO and World Health Organization to protect workers in those countries. Some families slide into poverty after the death of their breadwinners. We need to find out the reasons for so many migrants' deaths.

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