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21 December 2022

Children and social media

Many people use different kinds of mobiles on daily basis, but in reality, because of its addiction we are facing a lot of problems. It is a phenomenon due to which people are getting miserable. I get a lot of messages from children who have gone blind and deaf from cell phone addiction.
It is also disrupting our thoughts and making us mentally exhausted. Mentally, we are completely out of order when we have access to cell phones. People often enjoy and feel pleasure in the moment but in the long run, its use is very harmful.
Mobile addiction has useless disadvantages for our today's youth. This bad habit is like a magnet that attracts its users towards itself. It has cut ties between human beings and is commonly spreading its bad impacts.
The students are not interested in studying and are connected with mobile phones for long periods of time. We must avoid this addiction to save our minds.

Sattar Samad
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Poor disaster risk

Bangladesh stands fifth among the top disaster risk countries in the world. When our neighboring countries take various initiatives to make their people more aware to protect the natural environment, to ensure a suitable living environment for themselves and their future generations, we cannot make our position strong due to lack of apathy and ability of the authorities. It is a serious threat for us as well as for the future generations.
Lack of modern tools needed to prevent the disaster, lack of experienced and skilled manpower, absence of environmental protection, mismanagement and failure of the concerned people, proper environmental knowledge, lack of training and programs and environmental research make the situation more worsening.

Hasnain Khandoker

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