Substandard medicines in markets must be withdrawn

22 December 2022

It is appalling that the medicines we are taking to prevent diseases are, in fact, creating some other hazards to our health. A recent newspaper report said, most of the wholesale drug markets have been flooded with counterfeit and substandard medicines.
Though the country's pharmaceutical industry is booming and some top drug makers are exporting their drugs to different countries including the United States and Europe, the World Health Organisation is yet to certify that Bangladesh's drug laboratories meet its standard. According to the Drug Administration, some 272 pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh produce 3,645 generic allopathic drugs under 29,854 brand names.
However, lower quality medicines could be produced by low-end pharmaceutical companies without using the correct components in the right volume. Without clearance from the proper authority no medicine should be marketed. The excuse is acceptable for testing.
We don't have testing capacity that cannot be accepted as an excuse. Those who are in charge of governance think that governance means becoming rich allowing others to be corrupt.

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