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24 December 2022

Mobile phone addiction

Mobile phone in this era is the most necessary thing. We can't think of going a single day without it. Of course it's useful for communication and other stuffs. But it's useful when is in control and limitation. Nowadays we are fully dependant on mobile phone. We stare at many times on phone in a day.
Young generation is the best example of mobile phone addiction. All social media is available on mobile phone. They check every time whether comes a notification. They browse facebook, whatsapp, instagram, messenger, etc for recreation and communication. But they use more than need. They waste their time in all of stuffs. They misuse it, sometimes do obscene grossness etc. Student's life is spoiled for it.
Young generation is becoming unproductive for staying more than necessity in social media. They are losing their memory power, thinking power. They are wasting their time in virtual life. They are not doing anything in real life. They got addicted to social media and mobile phone.
To prevent the mobile phone addiction we need to first prevent social media. Social media using must be controlled in young generation. They need to be addressed   in real life more than virtual life. Social media is good but its over use is bad.

Hasan Tasnim
Dhaka University
Appoint psychiatrist in education institutes

In educational institutions, especially in college and university, suicidal case has been increased in an alarming rate.  A report from a voluntary organization ACHOL foundation revealed that in 2021 almost 101 university students died by suicide. Among them almost 60 per cent students were from public university. Till june, 2022 more name added in this suicidal list. Few days ago, a suicidal video of a student of Dhaka University had been spread in social media. Parents are also conscious about this issue now.
Corona virus has significant impact in educational sectors. Different statistics and reports revealed the negative impact on mental health of the students during pandemic situation. Delay in completing graduation and career related issue made them more frustrated. This issue should be considered seriously so that suicidal case can be reduced. Each institution should appoint psychiatrist for counseling their students and to improve their mental health. Authority can ensure a better condition for the mental health of the students by counseling them in proper way.

 K. M. Masum Billah
Dumki, Patukhali

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