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25 December 2022

Effect of video games
on teenagers

The worst invention of the modern world is video games. Video games can have a negative effect on a child's development. This is particularly related to aspects of violence, antisocial behaviors and increased aggressive thoughts and feelings. It is also damaging our youth and disturbing the mental health of teenagers, as they are more concerned and passionate about playing video games rather than concentrating on real-life problems.
Moreover, they are getting aggressive by playing violent video games. Children who sit at a computer game console for hours face several complex health issues, such as heart disease and obesity. Ultimately, their screen time has increased, which is adversely affecting their eyes.
On the other hand, some games may also be beneficial. They help you navigate different languages and teamwork but rather than learning these activities through video games, they can also learn these by physically playing outdoor games and meeting other people. Parents should take measures to control this adverse situation by limiting their screen time. They should supervise their child's internet use, as playing these video games often can lead to decreased productivity and isolation at an early age. A study found that video game addicts have lower grades and have more destructive behaviors such as arguing and fighting with parents and teachers. The interactive nature of some of the video games can worsen the effects of the game violence on children by encouraging repetition and rewards for the behaviors.
Thus, the use of video games should be prohibited to produce the better and productive generation.

Hadia Farhan
From Online

War is not a solution

War is raging on between Russia and Ukraine, till now no end is in sight. Instead of trying to bring a peaceful solution, some countries are sending unbelievable amount of weapons to Ukraine which will linger the war making it more disastrous, it is like pouring fuel on the fire.
We hope that good sense will prevail and both the countries will come to an understanding and peace will be established.

Nur Jahan

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