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26 December 2022

Suspend Martinez
Argentine Goalkeeper Martinez has destroyed the reputation of not only his team Argentina, but also of most popular game football by exhibiting his reward in a very indecent and ugly way on the final day of the World up Football 2022. We are surprised at how could a player of the World Champions Argentina be so dreadful watched by over 300 crore of people! As such, in order to save football from player like Martinez, FIFA must be hard on him without showing least mercy.
In this regard we like to remind the world that Argentina are not only World champions, they are at present Copa America Cup and Euro-South America Cup Champions also. Such record no other country of the world has earned ever. In Copa America, they beat Brazil 1-0 in July 2021 and Italy 3-0 in the Euro-America Cup held in London watched by over 87,000 spectators..
In this connection, we like to remind the Bangladesh Football Federation that the number of Asian representatives will be more than what is now in 2026. Will BFF exploit the opportunity coming in 2026?

Ameer  Hossain


E-ticketing has brought significant changes to the ticket purchasing system across the globe and in Bangladesh. Now-a-days E-tickets for trains, flights, and buses are all available. Before our journey begins, we can purchase our tickets at home. To avoid unnecessary road stops, e-tickets are now widely used in Dhaka's public buses. BTRC hopes to implement e-ticketing on all buses operating in Dhaka and surrounding areas by this month.
This service would make life easier for passengers while also improving service. The issue of customer satisfaction in e-ticketing has become a central issue of focus, prompting organizations to investigate the specific variables that shape customer outcomes when choosing e-ticketing options.

Asif Miah
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