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28 December 2022

Affordable pilot training institute

The civil aviation industry on current earth has been suffering for lack of qualified, trained and experienced pilots. A good number of renowned airlines in different countries are being compelled to keep their aircrafts at ground owing to shortage of qualified and trained pilots. Bangladesh can take it as advantage. Million expatriates working abroad have been sending significant amount of scare foreign currencies in Bangladesh every year. Most of them perform manual jobs as they do not have technical or professional qualification and experience. More qualified professional and technical manpower could be send abroad when Bangladesh will impart adequate professional and technical education and training to earn handsome income that would lead to remit huge amount of foreign currencies the country needs to make balance of payment acceptable that is now in disfavorable to Bangladesh. The training facilities of pilots in Bangladesh are very limited. Cost of taking training is forbiddingly high.  A lot of youth are interested to get pilot training but cannot avail as scope is too limited and cost is not affordable to aspirants. Government needs to come forward to expand training facilities for pilot and make the cost affordable bearing maximum cost involved. It would, in long run, facilitate sending trained qualified pilots abroad that would increase foreign currency remittance income of the country. It reduces number of unemployed youths as well as enhances standard of living of trained pilots and their families. Therefore, I like to urge the bureau of manpower, Civil Aviation Ministry and Education Ministry to expand affordable pilot training facilities in Bangladesh.

Md Ashraf Hossain
Middle Bashabo, Dhaka

Protect railway

 The railway is the most important means of communication in respect of carrying both passengers and freight in the world. That is why the governments of the developing countries take special care of the railway. When there is a train accident between Tongi and Narsingdi railway stations, the train communication between Dhaka and Chattogram, and Dhaka and Sylhet remains suspended for hours. It is really true that the re-born Railway Ministry has failed to reduce the number of train accidents in the country despite the fact that government claims of allocating more fund for the development of the railway track.
We think that the railway ministry may seek advice from the Indian counterpart because the Indian Railway is the second largest in the world.

Khurshida Haque

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