Future of man in wars


28 December 2022

Raja Zark Ullah Khan :
The art of war that is practiced today is not the same as it was practiced in olden times. Most of the credit is given to technological advancement. Though, on its own, technology has hardly brought any immediate change in the way wars are being fought today. The alterations and modifications we see in our contemporary warfare are the product of many decades of research and human integration within the field of applied sciences. Artificial intelligence, robotics, cognitive sciences, hypersonic system etc., are considered to be the new methods used in modern warfare.
All these power-projecting tools indicate the decreased physical involvement of men in war fields. Today, wars are being fought by robotics and social media is used as a staunch tool in image building of a state. This shows that robots and software are granted high responsibilities but this does not subside the ability/autonomy of man in any sense. Man is still the brain behind all these newly invented methods of war. No doubt that the traditional soldier is getting disappeared from the battleground but the drill is still in the hands of humans.
We expect to see some more advanced, efficient, and sophisticated platforms for a smart, digital soldier that will be much more capable in terms of physical as well as cognitive capabilities. We as the world, expect to see more muscular and more intelligent machines with better time management, better visual and auditory senses, and increased vigilance of pain or fatigue thresholds. All of this advancement is the result of human amalgamation with the digital environment. The efforts that were started in the 1970s have culminated in what we see today.

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