25pc pry textbooks may not reach students Jan 1 due to delayed printing

30 December 2022

THE authorities won't be able to deliver 25 per cent of the primary textbooks on January 1, the first day of the next academic year, due to the high price of paper, load-shedding and delays in placing the work orders. The delivery, however, will not cause any problems as not all students show up on the first day of school to collect all their textbooks.
All primary and secondary students are expected to get their full set of textbooks by January 10. The books appear to be printed on low-quality papers and have poor printing quality. The paper crisis was a big issue but several printing companies that won the tender for printing primary textbooks did not sign a contract with the NCTB.
Previously, the government used to distribute free textbooks only at the primary level, which turned out to be difficult for many students belonging to low-income groups or disadvantaged communities. Besides, printers would often create an artificial crisis by not printing and distributing books on time. In some cases, books used to hit the stalls in March-April or even later that year.
Since 2010, the government has been distributing free textbooks to primary and secondary students at the beginning of the academic session. So far, about 400 crore free textbooks have been delivered for free, garnering praise from home and abroad. The success has led to significant improvements in enrolment at the primary and secondary levels as well as a decrease in the dropout rates.
Earlier, educationists anticipated the crisis as the work order and printing were not started on time and we warned the NCTB of the feared delay in printing textbooks. The quality of books is related to the quality of education that ensures human development, resulting in social and economic advancement. The government's most lauded initiative has been blurred for the corrupt officials and mismanagement.

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