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31 December 2022

May the New Year bring happiness, peace
and prosperity

We are on the door step of a new year but instead of joy our hearts are filled with apprehension, not knowing what is in store for us in the coming year. The past years were also not happy one, we have lost many of our dear and near ones to Covid, I hope and pray that Almighty Allah will spare us from such fate.
Political unrest is gripping the country, the government is not listening to peoples plea and remaining firm in its stand, what a deplorable situation.
We hope good sense will prevail and people will be able to live in peace and harmony.

Nur Jahan

Driving Afghanistan to the pit of ignorance

Afghanistan's Taliban administration has forbidden higher education for the females, overlooking the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SM):  He said, "Man is judged by the extent of his knowledge," "It is incumbent on every Muslim, both male and female, to seek knowledge in all circumstances," "Those who seek knowledge are closest to the rank of the Prophet hood,"  "Paradise seeks the student,  "The scholar's pen is mightier than the blood of the martyrs," "The best of you in terms of faith is the person among you with the greatest knowledge," and, "Some of you are superior to others in prayer, :Some in pilgrimage," "Some in fasting," Some in giving charity," "But the best  of all of you is the person  who is superior in terms of knowledge."
The first word revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Sm) is Ikra. Ikra means Read. According to the dictionary, the word Read means learning, study, research and meditation.
From every corner, the Taliban leaders have not only ignored the Prophet, they have  violated the command of Allah. They are driving the Afghan society to the pit of the ignorance.

Abdullah Akber

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