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06 January 2023

Take effective steps to prevent air pollution
 It may seem at first glance that the city life is rushing through the winter fog, but the story is different here. This December, the level of air pollution in the capital has doubled.  Air pollution accounts for more than one-fourth of the number of people who die from disease each year in Bangladesh.  But there is no proper action to prevent air pollution.
Unplanned construction and unregulated vehicular fumes are major causes of air pollution.  Besides, a new cause of air pollution is the burning of waste.  Various types of waste are burnt in Dhaka now and it is increasing day by day.  Among industries, steel rerolling mills pollute the air, followed by cement factories.  Apart from this, there is an extremely irresponsible competition going on in the name of garbage and waste management in the capital Dhaka.  In addition, due to Dhaka's waste management, industrial pollution, mega projects and other development projects, thousands of tons of dust mixed in the air every day have taken the level of air pollution to a dangerous level.
If air pollution and other pollution are not kept at a tolerable level, there is a danger of dire human catastrophe soon.  The concerned authorities should take effective steps now to reduce air pollution.  The causes and sources of air pollution must be prevented.  Thousands of brick kilns, environmentally unsafe industries and unplanned industrialization and urbanization around Dhaka need proper waste management.
 Ahsan Habib
 Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
 Northern University Bangladesh

Next election should be free and fair

The country is in turmoil, the future seems bleak and uncertain, people are passing their days in great fear and anxiety not knowing what is going to happen next. The ruling party is responsible for this unbearable situation, not agreeing to hold the general election in the manner which will be acceptable to all. Whole world knows that in the last two elections people were not able to cast their votes.
The ruling party must change its attitude and arrange a free and fair election, I am perplexed as to why Bangabandhu's daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is afraid to arrange an acceptable election. We hope she will act wisely.

Nur Jahan

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