Create scopes and opportunities for girls children in society

07 January 2023

There must be an enabling environment for girls so that they can dream big and reach their full potential, and to ensure that, child marriage, early childbearing, and dropping out need to be addressed. Speakers in a seminar said parents must know about their daughters' potential, otherwise, the parents themselves may turn out to be a major obstacle for the children.
Girls must have digital and financial literacy, leadership and social skills, and knowledge of science and technology to ensure that they can fulfil their dreams. Society has been rapidly progressing in terms of technology, but girls are lagging behind when compared with boys. There had been a huge digital gender divide, which obstructed girls from taking part in online classes.
In 2000, the net enrolment in primary education increased to 98 per cent, but even in 2017, only 31 per cent girls enrolled in tertiary education. And the consequence of dropping out is low labour-force participation, as the female youth comprises only 26 per cent of the labour force, while it's 54.5 per cent for the male youth. This divide can determine wages and freedom in choosing careers.
To achieve their potential, girls need the space to meaningfully participate in dialogues, and prejudices against them need to go away. Service providers at government healthcare facilities should not ask about marital status. If this is done, adolescent girls will be able to conveniently avail reproductive healthcare and avoid any stigma.
To help girls realise their potential, it is crucial to build self-confidence among them. And for this, there must be a dedicated period for playing, along with playgrounds. To realise the potential of girls, there must be an enabling environment and sense of safety in educational institutions, families, open spaces, and workplaces everywhere. The sole responsibility lies on the government, while families must teach girls how to stay safe and pursue their dreams.

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