Legal action will be taken against attackers on Engr. Yazdani: Minister

31 January 2023

Staff Reporter :
Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives minister Md Tazul Islam has condemned the attack on engineer Golam Yazdani saying that swift legal action will be taken against those involved in the incident.
"The incident of assaulting Ghulam Yazdani is very sad. Whoever is the attacker, the law will run on its own course and swift legal action will be taken against the attacker," he added.
On Monday, chief engineer and additional engineers of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) appeared in the minister's office room at the ministry and informed him (minister) about the sad incident and the suffering of engineers at all levels.
The minister said, "I spoke to the Police Commissioner of Chittagong after hearing the incident.  A case has already been filed over the incident and the matter has already been investigated. Besides, four of the 12 accused persons have already been arrested and efforts are on to arrest the others. The case is being handled by the DB police."
LGED chief engineer Sheikh Mohammad Mohsin said that a group of contractors physically assaulted engineer Golam Yazdani, a project director of a development scheme of the Chattogram City Corporation, on Sunday at his office for not getting work.
"The contractors also vandalised his office," he added.
Listening the incident, the LGRD Minister urged LGED engineers and officials to rise above fear and perform their assigned duties and assured that actions will be taken against the wrongdoers.
He added, "The state is bound to suppress miscreants wherever public officials are obstructed while performing their duties."
On Sunday, the victim engineer Golam Yazdani told reporters that he came to his office at Tigerpass at around 4:15pm after the general meeting of the city corporation which was held in the old city building at Andarkilla of the city.
"Soon after settling in the office, about 20-25 contractors entered his room without permission and started assaulting him suddenly while he was talking. During this time, the attackers continuously punched him," he said.
Office Assistant Tilak Dey was also assaulted by them when he tried to rescue the project director. The attackers left the place after about 10 minutes of assault.
Engineer Gholam Yazdani is the director of Tk2,500 crore worth projects of road development and other important infrastructural development including the airport road under the city corporation.
He is basically the executive engineer of the local government engineering department (LGED).
On 14 August last year, he was appointed as the director of the largest project of the city corporation implemented by the local government department.
Golam Yazdani alleged that a group of contractors had attacked him for not giving them development project work.
Meanwhile, the Bangabandhu Prokousholi Parishad, LGED, organised a protesting   meeting yesterday seeking exemplary punishment to the attackers of  Golam Yazdani.
Speakers at the meeting condemned the attack and demand immediate arrest of the accused persons.  
They also urged the authorities to take strict measures so that such an untoward incident may not take place in future.

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