UAP Law Orators aims to build future stars

01 February 2023

Campus Report :

The UAP Law Orators Debating Club (UAPLODC) is committed to the development of a debating community among the students of the Department of Law and Human Rights at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP). In addition to fostering creativity via debating, the club's objectives include sharing and critiquing the work of peers; develop excellent oral and written communication skills, excellent critical thinking skills, and effective tools for research, organization and presentation. Debate helps students become more interested in their studies; they become more curious and want to learn about the world around them, a mindset that comes in handy when discussing various topics. Students also become less interested in practicing negative and risky behavior
UAP Law Orators Debating Club arranged different competition in every semester. UAPLODC has covered several serious issues such as the impact of social media, defunding police departments, the effectiveness of the COVID-19 shutdown. Only an average of 20-30 students participates in the club and takes part in this exciting in every semester.
Head of Department of Law and Human Rights, University of Asia Pacific, Dr. Chowdhury Ishraq Ahmed Siddiky expressed, 'students get involved in debate club to develop their skill, intelligence, problem solving capacity and their thinking level'.
Alida Binte Saqi, Lecturer and Convener of UAP Law Orators Debating Club mentioned, 'debating is not just something that pushes pupils to get out of their comfort zones but also helps them to discover themselves and grow into great public speakers'. She added that UAP Law Orators Debating Club has managed to reach promising levels at different sectors.

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