Kona and Imran went to London together for the first time

02 February 2023
Kona and Imran went to London together for the first time

Entertainment Report :
The best playback duo of the movie of this time, Dilshad Nahar Kona and Imran Mahmudul performed separately in the stage show outside the country, London, UK. This is the first time they will perform together on the same stage. Kona and Imran confirmed this yesterday. They will at the London Royal Regency on February 4. The show will start at 3:00pm (local time). Meanwhile, Kona and Imran have left for London to perform in the show.
Kona told this correspondent, “Before this, I went to London once to do a show several years ago. I didn’t go after that. This time Imran and I are going together, it is a matter of great joy for us. In the meantime, Imran and I have discussed about the show. What can be done on the occasion because Alhamdulillah our duo has created an acceptance in playback songs. Many Bangladeshi expatriates live in London. It is for them to participate in this event.”
Imran shared his feelings by this way, “This is my second time participating in a show outside the country with Kona Apu. After the London show, Inshallah we will go to Australia. After that there is talk about to visit in some other countries. We have two shows in London and three in Australia. Kona Apu and I render songs in movies together. So, it is expected that every show will be beautiful. We are both very excited, hoping for the best. I want everyone’s prayers.”
Kona and Imran won the National Film Award for singing together in Chayanika Chowdhury’s movie 'Bishwosundori' for the first time. Imran has also been awarded as a music composer. Around 16 years ago, Kona’s last released song was 'Akash e Sobai Chai Urte.' She covered this song herself. Masud Sezan wrote lyrics of the song and Polash Nur
composed its music.
On the other hand, Imran’s last released two songs - 'Ghum Ghum Chokhe' and 'Dwitiyo Jibon' have been well received by the audience. Neelanjona Neela performed as
a model in Imran’s song 'Ghum Ghum Chokhe,' which lyrics were written by Jamal Hossain and music was composed by singer Imran himself. Porshi was
co-singer and model in his
another song 'Dwitiyo Jibon.'
Meanwhile, within few days, Imran’s new song titled 'Mon Moyuri' is going to release on YouTube. Before going to London, Imran has performed in many stage shows in the country, according
to the singer.

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