Turmoil situation prevails in poultry industry

Farmers blame big companies, DLS for this

07 February 2023

Staff Reporter :
The Bangladesh Poultry Association (BPA) has claimed that Department of Livestock Services (DLS) has helped the big companies to take control over the poultry industry putting the marginal farmers in a deep crisis of their existence.
They said this at a press conference at Dhaka Reporter Unity (DRU) on Monday.
BPA President Sumon Howlader read out a written statement and said that they are providing the country's 16 crore people protein, but they are facing existence to survive.
He also raised a question to DLS as why the department is patronising the corporate ignoring them?
The BPA president said at the marginal farmers level about Tk 11 is being spent for producing one piece egg, Tk148 for one kilogram broiler and Tk 262 for per kg Sonali chicken. But all sorts of the government facilities go to the big companies.
Sumon Howlader said the marginal framers have 90 per cent contribution to the poultry production whereas big companies share only 10 per cent. But they are trying to control the whole industry where the DLS is allegedly associated with them.
He said if the corporate world can control over the poultry industry it will impact the consumers' level as they will control the price of chicken and egg as their will.
A significant number of educated people involved in the industry as corporate world control will make them jobless, he added.
He further said about five million people are actively working in the industry.  If the industry falls to exist a huge number of people will lose their work.
The marginal farmers said poultry policies are not being implemented due to unknown reasons. The Department of Livestock should be accountable to the government. All farmers should be registered and given all government benefits.
 Market management measures should be taken by the government, so that all marginal farmers can sell in coordination with the cost of production. The government should arrange unsecured loans in all banks for all poultry farmers.
Then the industry can be sustained. The price of eggs and chicken increases due to the increase in production costs. So it is possible for the government to keep the price of chicken feed low by subsidising the marginal farmers. Besides, it is not possible in any way.

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