Ex-IGP Benzir denies knowing Arav Khan

19 March 2023
Ex-IGP Benzir denies knowing Arav Khan

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UNB, Dhaka :

Benzir Ahmed, former Inspector General of Police (IGP), has denied knowing Dubai-based gold dealer and fugitive Arav Khan alias Rabiul Islam. He shared a status in this regard on his verified Facebook account.

"I want to inform you all that I do not know anyone by the name of 'Aarav alias Rabiul alias Hridoy'. I do not even have a primary acquaintance with him," the former police chief wrote in his status.

"I have fought murderers, terrorists, drug traffickers, smugglers, forgers, and criminals in my entire career in law enforcement, never forming any kind of relationship with them," he said, dismissing rumours and allegations in some quarters that Rabiul, one of the accused in a police officer's murder case, managed to escape the law with his help.

"Thank you for your unending love, support, and cooperation," the post said.

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