Inculcating healthy habits in your kids

17 February 2014
Inculcating healthy habits in your kids

Life Desk :
Many parents complain that their children don't listen to them, whether it's brushing their teeth before bed or eating veggies!
But what they don't understand is that unless they instill little habits like these from a young age, children won't get into a set routine. We list down the top three healthy habits every parent must make their child follow, reports TOI.
Teach your child about dental hygiene. This not only includes brushing after every meal, but also flossing their teeth daily. What's more, parents must encourage kids to go for regular check-ups to the dentist and educate them about the ill-effects of bingeing on sweets.
In today's world, most kids are holed up in their house, playing video games on their computers, instead of playing outdoors. Hence it's necessary to teach them the benefits of exercise and being active. Set an example, by being active yourself. Take your kids to the park and play with them.
Reading is a habit that will prove valuable to your kids when they grow up and want to study higher, as it will drastically elevate their language skills. Every night, set aside sometime and read to your kids. Eventually, make them develop the habit of reading on their own.

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