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Meat prices shoot up in Dhaka ahead of Eid

21 April 2023
Meat prices shoot up in Dhaka ahead of Eid

The prices of beef and all kinds of chicken have gone up in the capital ahead ofEid-ul Fitr with rise in demand.
Thepriceofbeefhas increased by Tk 50 perkg, while all kinds of chicken prices rose by Tk 30 to Tk 40 perkgin the capital on Thursday.
The butchers have raised thepriceofbeefby Tk50 perkgin Dhaka market claiming that thepriceof cattle and carrying costs have increased in theEidseason.
Visiting different kitchen markets including at Hatirpul, Karwan Bazar, Khilgaon, Malibag, Shantinagar, Rampura and Basabo, the correspondent found that the butchers are sellingbeefat Tk 800 (average) perkgthough it was sold at Tk 750 perkg on Wednesday.
When asked, Ratan, a butcher of Hatirpul area said that from the first to the 27thof Ramadan, the rate was Tk750 to Tk 780 perkg. From today (Thursday) beef is selling at Tk800 perkg.
Every year beforeEid, thepriceof meat increases by Tk 30 to Tk50 perkg, he said.
Besides, the price of cattle is higher and the cost of carrying is also high. So thepriceof meat has increased, he said.
Habib, abeefseller in Rampura, echoed the same.
Besides, mutton is being sold between Tk 1150 to Tk 1200 perkg .
Yaqub, a resident of Shantinagar who came to the market to buybeef, said that thepricegoes up every day.
At the beginning of Ramadan, "I bought onekgofbeeffor Tk750. I bought it today (Thursday) for Tk800. We have nothing to say."
Thepriceof broiler chicken has gone up too.
Sohag, a chicken trader in Karwan Bazar, said, "I also sold broiler chickens at retail for Tk 230 yesterday Wednesday) which is Tk 260 perkg today."
Cock ( Sonali) and layer chickenpriceshave also gone up. On Thursday, Sonali (cock) chickens are being sold at Tk360 to Tk360 perkg.
Layer (red) is being sold at Tk380 perkgwhite layer at Tk260 perkg.
Compared to the last week, thepriceof layer chickens has increased by Tk 20 to Tk30 perkg. On Thursday the local variety chicken was selling at Tk 550 to Tk 600 while it was sold at Tk 500 and Tk 550 on Wednesday. However, the vegetable prices decreased in the capital on Thursday as the city dwellers are leaving Dhaka to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.

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