Kuwait assistance in Bangladesh

19 February 2014

It is the cardinal policy of Kuwait to stand by its friends throughout the world.
 The late Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, highlighted Kuwait's global outreach strategy in 1961 when he remarked during the establishment of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, 'Here we are embarking on the tides of change but we will never forget our friends'.
This support comes in the forms of loans and grants that go into the recipient country's development of infrastructure, strengthening of socio-economic status and different sectoral advancement.
With the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kuwait and Bangladesh in 1974, Kuwait evinced keen interest in providing soft loans to the newly independent country.
All forms of Kuwaiti official assistance to Bangladesh is channeled through Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.
Kuwait attaches special importance to all requests from the Bangladesh Government with regard to financing partly or wholly, any development project.
The main thrust of Kuwait Fund's operation in Bangladesh is in three core sectors. Financial loans have been provided for projects that have been identified as priority projects by the Government of Bangladesh. The sectors where Kuwaiti assistance has been extended are power and energy, communications and agriculture.
So far, Kuwait has provided loans for twenty four (24) development projects amounting to approximately half a billion dollar over a three decade period. These loans have been provided as soft loans with highly flexible terms and conditions and carry about 3 percent or less rate of interest to cover administrative and related expenses.
 Most of these loans go in infrastructural development projects that when completed will impact the socio-economic life of the people in particular and the country in general. The projects when completed will promote inter-district connectivity within Bangladesh and on a broader perspective, it will lead to regional connectivity as a result of which Bangladesh stands to reap substantial economic gain.
The underlying goal of the projects is to achieve regional peace, harmony and prosperity through greater economic cooperation through connectivity.
In addition to these loans, the Government of Kuwait also provided a grant equivalent to US $ 10 million to Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) from its Goodwill Fund to promote food security in Bangladesh.
Kuwait is committed to bring about a qualitative change in the socio-economic life of the people of Bangladesh through implementation of vital projects in different sectors.
Complementing the Kuwait Government's assistance program in Bangladesh, a number of Kuwaiti Non-Government Organizations have been working hand in hand with different socio-economic Organizations in Bangladesh to ameliorate the suffering of the poverty stricken people. In an effort to eradicate poverty in targeted areas, these organizations have initiated social welfare projects that go way beyond the original policy of building mosques, financing madrasas and sponsoring orphans.
These Organizations have invested around US $ 350 million on different projects. Some of the major areas where the fundings were channeled are given below:
1. Hospital and Clinics
2. Students Dormitory
3. Clustered Villages
4. Income generating Schemes like supply of cattle, goats, setting small shops, providing sewing machines, providing rickshaws, vans and carts.
5. Supplying seeds, and water pumps to farmers
6. Sinking tube wells for providing safe drinking water
7. Madrasas and libraries
8. Vocational Training Centres
9. Mosques
10. Orphanages and orphan sponsorship
The concerted efforts by the Government and NGOs of Kuwait have served significantly as building bridges of friendship and cooperation between Kuwait and Bangladesh.
Kuwait takes great pride in its role as a partner and facilitator in the development stride of Bangladesh.

Signing agreement on Lebukhali bridge project
An itemized breakdown of the total assistance provided by Kuwait to Bangladesh is given below:
 Sl     Name of Project    Year    Amount in KD    Status
            (1KD=US $ 3.40)
01    Manu River Project    1975    2,300,000.00    Completed
02    Power supply for Irrigation schemes Stage-1     1975    6,376,025.74    Completed
03    East West Electrical Interconnected project    1978    6,750,000.00    Completed
04    East West Electrical Interconnected Project    1980    3,306,744.63    Completed
05    Eight Rural Areas Electrification    1981    7,825,349.98    Completed
06    Deep Tube wells (North Western Region)    1981    4,618,943.72    Completed
07    Ashuganj Thermal Power Project    1982    7,907,147.81    Completed
08    The North West Tube well project    1990    5,000,000.00    Completed
09    Four Rural Areas Electrification project    1993    9,920,173.61    Completed
10    Sylhet-Tamabil-Jaflong Road    1996    7,000,000.00    Completed
11    Rural Electrification Project in Nilphamari District    1997    2,125,353.45    Completed
12    Rural Electrification Project in Shariatpur District    1998    1,707,315.05    Completed
13    Shaikarpur and Doarika Bridges and Access Roads    1998    6,040,436.25    Completed
14    Shahji Bazar Power Station Project    1999    4,748,497.81    Completed
15    Greater Rajshahi Power Transmission and Distribution  Project    1999    3,066,700.57    Completed
16    Greater Chittagong Power Transmission and Distribution Development Project    2000    11,199,939.62    Completed
17    Dapdapia Bridge     2001    10,000,000.00    Active
18    Sylhet-Jakershipur Road    2003    8,333,378.37    Completed
19    The Three Bridges Project    2004    8,600,000.00    Active
20    Third Karnaphuli Bridge Project    2005    15,500,000.00    Active
21    Greater Chittagong Power Transmission    2007    4,000,000.00    Active
22    Shikal Baha 225 MW Dual Fuel Power Plant Project    2011    15,000,000.00    Active
23    Lebukhali Bridge    2012    14,000,000.00    Active
24    Improvement of Roads Dhaka North City Corporation        0.00    Pipeline

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