Winter Pitha Fest at Dhaka Regency

16 January 2015
Winter Pitha Fest at Dhaka Regency

Art & Culture Desk :
Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort is going to initiate a three-day long Pitha Fest, a festival enriched with traditionally indigenous winter cake items. The Winter Pitha Fest is scheduled to be held between January 22 and 24 from 6:00pm to 10:30pm at Grandiose Restaurant, says a press release.
Various Pitha-Payesh items are our hundred years of tradition. However, Pitha-Payesh culture is getting faded out due to our busy life style since we have become habituated to cake, pastry and other readymade foods instead. This Pitha Fest at Dhaka Regency aims at shedding a highlight on the tradition of Pitha Payesh that we should proudly preserve. Pitha-enthusiasts in the capital can enjoy live Pitha station and over 50 varieties of Pitha during the festival including Bhapa, Puli, Dudh Pitha, Pati Shapta and traditional old Dhaka’s Pitha. n

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