Murder is murder and everything is not intellectual freedom

02 March 2015 Editorial Desk

Despite repeated urging for help, the police were not available sooner to protect blogger and writer Avijit from the murderers and stop their safe exit from the grip of the 'three-layer security' system on Dhaka University campus during the overcrowded book fair. While, police and other law enforcing agencies frequently arrest political leaders using their state-of-the-art technologies to monitor telecommunications, the failure to detect the twitter account holder, who admitted the responsibility of Avijit murder naming a fierce militant group, is not easy to understand. But at the same time it is to be said that the police are kept overworked with politics by the government. So the criminals have more freedom to pursue their activities safely. We do not support in any way killing anybody and feel sad as much we are at the brutal killing of Avijit but it is to be said that we will not encourage anybody to be intellectual claiming  protection  of intellectual freedom just because he criticizes religion. Religion is a matter of faith and is different from intellectual exercise. Anybody using prejudice or hatred against faith does not deserve to be protected by the state or supported by others as intellectual freedom. But a killer is a killer, he must be caught and punished. Any genuine intellectual should know the difference between what is a matter of faith and what is an intellectual affair. Those who want to be intellectual by accepting the Western conspiracy of criticizing Islam should think again and again to know that religion is a matter of faith and very personal. Whether  Islam or not, no religion can be explained through intellectual exercise. That is why it is called faith. The domain of faith and the domain intellectual freedom cannot be one and the same. Let the intellectuals  make their contribution in the creative ways of their own. No one should pretend to be intellectual by showing hatred against other people's religion and expect acceptance. In any view of the matter, hatred is not intellectual freedom -- religious or not.  Whether one is a blogger or not the government should be held responsible for  Avijit's murder for the incompetence  of its government to ensure protection of  life. Dhaka looks like a city at war  with the presence of police and all other law enforcing agencies. Yet the dangerous crimes are on the rise. There is a tendency that murders are political and hence not be taken seriously. The truth  is that the police are busy protecting the government in trouble. So the law and order situation is most chaotic.

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