Subrata passes three decades in film industry

28 March 2015
Subrata passes three decades in film industry

Entertainment Report :
Popular film actor Subrata has passed thirty years in his acting career in the country’s film industry. He debuted his film career by late director Muhammad Hannan’s directed film Rai Binodini in 1985. Later he acted in same director’s two other films - Mala Bodol and
Maiyar Naam Moina. These three films made his
position in the industry strong. Later he acted in many films in role of hero. Till now his acted more
than 140 films have been released.
Subrata last acted in Motiur Rahman Gazipuri’s Ghomta as a hero. To work in this film against
Doyel, he tied the nuptial knot with her.
While talking about his film career Subrata told this correspondent, “With the viewers’ loves I have come into this position in the film industry. I want
to survive with their loves till my death.”
Subrata’s acted mentionable films are: Narayan Ghosh Mita’s Harano Sur, Rafiqul Bari Chowdhury’s Chandidas O Rojokini, F Kabir Chowdhury’s Tala Chabi, Kamruzzaman’s Sotota, Mostafa Anwar’s
Pushpomala, Ibne Mizan’s Nagjyoti
and Sagor Konnya, etc.
Right now Subrata’s acted mentionable film is Mukul Netrobadi’s directed Maa Baba Sontan. He acted
in role of hero Fahim’s father in the film.
Shooting of the film has been completed. It is
expected to release next month, Subrata said.
Therefore, Subrata has finished shooting of Omar Faruk’s Lover Number One, Shamim Ahmed Roni’s Mental, Montazur Rahman Akbar’s My Darling, Rafiq Shikdar’s Bhola Jaina Tarey, Saimon Tariq’s Matir Pori, Ekhlas’ Bhalobasha Pur, Mostafizur Rahman Babu’s Prem-er Odhikar, Mizanur Rahman Shamim’s Dhwongsho Manob and Sayem Jafar Imami’s
Rudro - The Gangster.
Before death of his wife film actress Doyel Subrata
last performed with his daughter Dighi in Kazi
Hayat’s film Kabuliwala. Dighi got the National
Film Award to perform in this film. Later,
she got the national award for two times.

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