Cameron unveils strategy to beat Islamist extremism

21 July 2015 BBC Online

Prime Minister David Cameron has set out the government's strategy to defeat the "poison" of Islamist extremism in Britain.He pledged to tackle what he called "the failures of integration" which have seen hundreds of UK citizens joining Islamic State (IS) militants.Some British-born Muslims "have little attachment" to UK society, he said. He promised to act to "de-glamourise" groups like IS by making young people aware of the brutal reality.Speaking in Birmingham, Mr Cameron set out four major issues which needed to be addressed - countering the "warped" extremist ideology, the process of radicalisation, the "drowning out" of moderate Muslim voices and the "identity crisis" among some British-born Muslims. He talked about Britain as a "multi-racial, multi-faith democracy" and as a "beacon to the world". He said no-one should be demonised and moderate Muslims also hated the "sick world view" of extremists."I want to work with you to defeat this poison," he said.Mr Cameron said: "This is how I believe we can win the struggle of our generation. "Countering the extremist ideology; standing up and promoting our shared British values; taking on extremism in all its forms, both violent and non-violent; empowering those moderate and reforming voices who speak for the vast majority of Muslims that want to reclaim their religion; and addressing the identity crisis that some young people feel by bringing our communities together and extending opportunity for all."He also spoke about a lack of confidence when it came to enforcing British values, referring specifically to forced marriage and female genital mutilation. "No more turning a blind eye on the basis of cultural sensitivities," he said.

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