Asha to play in role of Shiri

17 March 2014
Asha to play in role of Shiri

Veet star Lutfun Nahar Asha dreamt to perform in TV serial before starting her career in media. This time her dream comes true. She is becoming heroine of a historical story.
Asha will perform in drama serial titled Shiri Farhad. She will be appeared in role of Shiri in the serial, which will be directed by Dayel Rahman. Shooting of the serial Shiri Farhad will begin on March 22.
While sharing her feeling to perform in role of Shiri in the serial Asha told this correspondent, “It is not possible to express in a word for the fulfillment of my dream. I think to perform in role of Shiri in the serial Shiri Farhad my career will get momentum and it will play a key role for the turning point in my career also. In the meantime, I am feeling really well to become heroine of a historical story based serial. In fact, I was really eager to perform in any TV serial for many days. I believe that an actress can take her position in the minds of so many viewers by showing her outstanding capability of acting skills for long time by a drama serial. For this reason, I have agreed to perform in the serial in the lead role,” Asha said.

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