Delta Univ teacher shot dead : Suspect kills himself

16 September 2015 BBC Online

A gunman who shot dead a professor as he worked in his university office in Mississippi has died after apparently killing himself, officials say.
Geography professor Shannon Lamb died following a manhunt.
He is suspected of shooting Ethan Schmidt, a history teacher at Delta State University, in an attack in the city of Cleveland.
Police also linked Mr Lamb to the fatal shooting of a woman 300 miles away earlier in the day.
Amy Prentiss, 41, was found shot dead at the home she shared with Mr Lamb in Gautier, Mississippi, in the early hours.
At a news conference on Monday evening, police in Gautier said they had spoken to Mr Lamb, 45, who had been an employee of the university since 2009. He had told police he was "not going to jail".
He later pulled over as police were following him and jumped out of his car, and when officers gave chase they heard a single gunshot and found Mr Lamb dead, Delta State University police official Lynn Buford told the Associated Press news agency.
Police were called to the university at 10:18 local time (16:18 GMT) when shots were heard.
Prof Schmidt, who specialised in Native American and colonial history, was shot in his office inside the university's Jobe Hall building, police said.
All campus buildings were then locked from the inside and officials advised people to shelter as police cleared students from buildings on campus.

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