Uncaring and heartless for saving lives and fin

28 November 2015 Editorial Desk

Bangladeshis who have entered Greece and are seeking desperately to be taken in as refugees in Western countries say that they do not want to go back to Bangladesh. They are unemployed and desperately in search of jobs for survival. What is painful is to hear them say, they have no intention of going back to Bangladesh – their home.
Surely, we did not fight for freeing Bangladesh to see young ones go to various countries in search of livelihood where they are not wanted. To our government creating jobs for the young unemployed ones is not a top priority. The top priority is who will remain in power for how long for enjoying the pleasures of power.
For the young ones going to remote places in search of jobs and say frustratingly that they will not go back to their home country whatever comes only means that these young ones do not  find their government kind and caring to them. The fact is that the government is happy to use them as commodities for export business.
 It is a shame for us as a nation that those who are regarded as conscience of a nation do not bother to know how this country is fast changing into a uncaring and heartless country incapable of saving lives or finding jobs for its young ones. Only last Thursday one person was gunned down and three others sustained injuries when unknown gunmen opened fire at a Shia Mosque in Bogra. Yet, there is no realisation on the part of the men in power that much more than police presence is necessary to make a country safe and secure.
Killing has become easy and safe because providing safety and security for the people is not seen as a political responsibility.  If our lives are in the hands of the police  then what is the need of others to remain in power? No government worthy of its name can call itself successful without success in saving lives and creating jobs for the unemployed ones. To be among the richest few is not success as the government of the people.
It is unbelievable that our hope of securing for ourselves democratic good governance is dying in the hands of the lawyers and journalists acting as activists of undemocratic party politics.
The glorious and brave fights put up continuously by our lawyers and journalists in Pakistan days is proving sadly hollow and insubstantial among the new generation of lawyers and journalists in free Bangladesh.

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