Malaysia to offer special facilities for overseas students

13 December 2015
Malaysia to offer special facilities for overseas students

Campus Desk :

Universities and colleges in Malaysia offer an extensive selection of courses and programs from pre-university to undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
You can pursue programs related to fields like Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, Engineering, Accounting, Finance, Business, Commerce, Economics, Education and Information Technology. Within these fields are sub-categories in which you can choose to do both undergraduate and post- graduate studies.
Apart from that, there are colleges offering less conventional courses such as Psychology, Philosophy, Hospitality & Tourism, Media and Mass Communications, Public Relations, Nursing Sciences, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Automotive Sciences and others.
Colleges and universities growing in Malaysia in the last three decades. Both the public and private sectors have invested huge sums of money in setting up high standard colleges and some world class universities across the country. As Bangladeshi students are finding out more and more about these educational institutes of repute so close to home, they are now showing keen interest to get admission there to pursue higher education. But how do they come to know about these institutes and how can they process the admission forms and other documents properly? Well, there are a few consulting houses from where students can find answer to all their queries.
The BANGLADESH MALSYSIA STUDY CENTRE LIMITED has been emerged for the growing need & demand for Bangladeshi students who are very much enthusiastic to pursue their higher study in Malaysia and develop their career. And also some Malaysian students who want to share their knowledge & experience from Bangladesh. Since last couple of years Bangladeshi students flocks to study in Malaysia because of Malaysia's recent out-standing development in Education and Economic sector. It has numerous world-ranking educational institutions that follow fully English medium teaching method. It's education is globally recognized and education cost & accommodation is comparatively low cost maintaining highly standard with all types of amenities. Malaysian Universities . Contact- Dhaka Office-Suite: E4 (4th floor) , BTI Center Plaza, 95 Green Road, Farmgate, Dhaka - 1215. Tel: +88-02-9115444, Cell : +8801777333300, +8801777444466, +8801677788885, +8801734680000, +8801775177777, +8801682086000, +8801787333000
Now the most important question for every student nowadays is: Why study in Malaysia? Malaysia Welcomes International Students: With more than 30 years of experience in international education, Malaysia's unique well-structured higher education system offers the opportunity to pursue an international qualification at a competitive rate. We can choose from US, UK, Australian or Malaysian academic qualifications designed with flexibility and affordability in mind. At the beginning of 2010, there were more than 80,000 international students from more than 100 countries pursuing courses ranging from diplomas, English language course, degree to PhDs at private higher educational institutions, public universities and foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia.
The confidence of students across the globe in choosing Malaysia as an international education destination is evident because, Malaysia Offers a Wide Range of Internationally Recognition Qualifications via, Trans-national Education & International Affiliations.
Account BenefitMalaysia is a pioneer in this region in the development and promotion of transnational bachelor's degree program. Since the early 1980s, Malaysia has collaborated with reputable universities from countries like the UK, the US, New Zealand and Australia for internationally recognized qualifications.
Since 1998, many established Malaysian private institutions of higher learning have gained the confidence and trust from universities in countries like the UK, Australia, France and the US to allow them to conduct the entire foreign university degree program in Malaysia.
The partner universities will award the qualification from these programs. Upon graduation, students can easily pursue their master's degree at the partner university overseas. An example of tuition fees for a 3 years UK engineering degree in Malaysia is about USD 16,000 as compared to USD 45,000 in the UK.
Low Cost of Living and Affordable Tuition Fees - Everybody Can Study overseas:
The cost of living for international students studying in Malaysia could be as low as RM12,000 per annum which is approximately USD 3,750. As such, the affordable cost of living cost combined with the cheaper tuition fee result in great savings when you choose to study in Malaysia.
The city of Kuala Lumpur offers you a high quality lifestyle at a lower cost compared to many other metropolitan cities in the world. EXA International in its 2010 survey rated Kuala Lumpur city among the least expensive cities in the world.
Most of the higher educational institutions in Malaysia work closely with the industry and foreign partner universities to ensure that the courses offered are up-to-date and market relevant. These career relevant courses that help students develop the knowledge and skills they need at the workplace will enhance their employ-ability when they graduate.
Working While You Study:
Student with a valid student pass are allowed to work in 4 specific sectors such as restaurants, hotels gas stations and mini-markets. Subject to other immigration requirements, students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 Hours per week
Wide choices of food:
With the many races and cultures living together in Malaysia, this country is a food heaven with a great variety of cuisines both Halal and non-Halal food are widely available in Malaysia. There is also Malay Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant, McDonald's, Starbucks Coffee available at very affordable cost. It is also a politically stable and geographically safe country Malaysia is a politically stable and safe country. The country enjoys a tropical climate which is warm and humid throughout the year and is also geographically-safe from major natural disasters.

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