Boys tortured at Paba

Police evade specific charges

18 February 2016

Police are helping the perpetrators by not including specific charges in the case filed over the torture of two boys at Rajshahi's Paba, the victims' lawyers have said.
On Friday, Zahid Hasan and 'Emon' were held captive for hours by miscreants who restrained and beat the adolescent boys they accused of stealing a mobile phone. But the men who filmed the entire incident have not been charged with abduction or torture.    
Three of the accused secured interim bail from the  Children's Court on Wednesday. They are Fozlu Miah, 'Komol' and the main accused 'Rakib'.  On Monday, two more, Azizul Islam and Ujjal, got bail.
The three who secured bail on Wednesday were accused of voluntarily inflicting pain, under Section 323, but did not have any non-bailable charges against them, said lawyer Asaduzzaman Mithu.
In a bid to steer the case in a different direction, the OC of Paba police did not charge them with abduction and torture. He said a revision will be sought over the decision to grant bail to the accused.
Dilsitara Chuni, also representing the victims, said police reduced the charges because the perpetrators are from the Army and RAB.
"The boys were detained for almost seven hours which demands that the men be charged with abduction," she said. "The fact that they tortured the boys mean they should also be charged under Section 324."
"But they've just been accused under Section 323. The specific charges were not included with the intention to help these men."  "They did include Section 307, a non-bailable offence, but the judge did not take it into cognizance because it clashed with Section 323." "The boys were confined for hours but the case does not mention Section 364 and Section 365 for abduction," said Children's Court state counsel Rashed-un-Nabi.
"The case details did have enough substance for section 324 but that was not included."

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