Dobir Saheb-er Songsar running well

10 April 2014 Entertainment Report
Dobir Saheb-er Songsar running well

Jaaz Multimedia’s first digital movie Dobir Saheb-er Songsar, directed by Jakir Hossain Raju, is being screened in more than 100 cinema halls across the country now.
After the successful campaign of movie Agnee, popular heroine of present time Mahiya Mahi has come again with her new film titled Dobir Saheb-er Songsar.
Mahi has performed against Bappi Chowdhury and newcomer actor Rose in this movie, which story is based on comedy incidents.
Though the movie Dobir Saheb-er Songsar didn’t become super-hit but the viewers accepted it positively. They liked it. They are still watching the movie.  
Meanwhile, the costumes in this movie are quite peculiar. Heroine Mahiya Mahi weared mostly low price clothes in the movie to make it realistic. In fact, she is a housemaid in this movie. The roles of Bappi and Rose are same in the movie.
It may be mentioned that Dobir Saheb-er Songsar is Jakir Hossain Razu directed first comedy movie. Noted actor Aliraj acted in role of Dobir Saheb in the movie.

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