Regency to celebrate Pohela Boishakh

11 April 2014
Regency to celebrate  Pohela Boishakh

Dhaka Regency hotel will serve Deshi dishes to celebrate the Pohela Boishakh on Monday.

Business Desk :
Pohela Boishakh is one of the most blissful festivals for the Bangladeshi people where they forget their religious, cultural and political differences and unite themselves under a word - Bangalee. On this momentous occasion, Dhaka Regency has arranged an array of opportunities to celebrate the Bengali New Year with feast and cultural activities in its fabulous venue and magnetic atmosphere, portraying wide ranges of traditional Bengali food experiences throughout the celebration, says a press release.
Dhaka Regency aims to pamper the inhabitants of Dhaka city by bringing conventional as well as lip smacking Bengali food fever in its Grandiose Restaurant on Level-6, which will be transformed into a fount of Bengali tradition on the purpose of promoting Deshi food at all extent.
The celebration will be unlocked from 11:30 am to 10:30pm on April 14 highlighting extensive Deshi lunch and dinner buffet of sumptuous indigenous delicacies, fuchka and chotpoti live station, live local folk music from renowned artists, fortune telling with mysterious parrots, Bouncing Ball House, Gun Shooter, Candy Floss and many additional arrangements. Be it Panta Ilish or Pitha Puli, the banquet stations will be loaded with sumptuous indigenous delicacies in a homey environment.

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