TV industry to worth $750b by 2020

11 April 2014

Xinhua, Stockholm :
World TV industry is expected to worth as much as 750 billion US dollars by 2020, according to Ericsson's new Media Vision 2020 released recently.
In what was described "a new era of entertainment and connectivity", Ericsson, the industry leader in communications technology and services, predicted that market revenues of world's TV industry are predicted to expand to750 billion dollars by 2020, up from 530 billion dollars in 2013.
And the distribution of revenues are expected to "shift between content owners, broadcasters, TV service providers and network providers, especially as brands adapt advertising focus."
"The rules of TV are changing and it is essential for our customers to evaluate their strategies for success," says Ericsson Senior Vice President Per Borgklint, adding that the company is committed to help "customers address the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving ecosystem."
In its vision 2020, Ericsson also predicts the Networked Society will be realized, with "15 billion video-enabled devices" connected to broadband IP(internet protocol), transforming the consumption experience of TV. Mobile broadband is expected to play an essential role in "all regions and fundamental in emerging regions."
It also predicts that, by 2020, there will be "over 8 billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 1.5 billion homes with digital television".

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